What is your favorite casino in Tunica and why?  Judging from the crowd on Friday night, the Gold Strike would be picked by many of you.  The place was packed.

So why is it so popular?  It is certainly one of the more upscale casinos in the area.  There is marble everyplace and there is no way you will miss the giant golden hotel sitting on the relatively flat Mississippi delta.

It has some of the best table games and the latest slots (see my last post on the Colossal Reels from WMS).  It had a huge fishing game that I’m still excited about.  I’m saving that for a future post.  The buffet is amazing…another future post.

Gold Strike Hotel Lobby

So are there any negatives? By itself, I’d say no.  High quality hotel, good food, the latest games, and polite people:  If this is what you want don’t even read any further. Just go make a reservation now.

If you are looking for the cheapest casino hotel in Tunica, Gold Strike is probably not it. They are clearly going for a more upscale clientele.  They are also the only M-life casino in Tunica. That is not bad if you are visiting Vegas and other casino towns but I’d sure like another MGM casino in the area to really rack up the comps.

Having said that, the prices are still great.  I did a quick check and you can get a room this Wednesday for only $55 along with the free wifi which us bloggers love!  That is amazing compared to any other casino town.

I’ll add a bit to this story in my next couple post.  The buffet is FAB-U-LOUS and I still need to talk about the new fishing game.

Disclosure:  I got a couple room and buffet comps from the Tunica Visitor center. This doesn’t affect what I write although it did help me convince Mrs. Gambler to make the 500 mile round trip 🙂