G2E12 is the Global Gaming Exposition held in Las Vegas every year.  All those companies that make those wonderful slot machine we like to play will be there showing off their coolest stuff. It’s a great time to tune into the social media channels to see what fun we are in for in the coming year.

I made it sound like G2E is about slot machines but it is WAY bigger than that. Those working on online gaming, new social  gaming, mobile gaming, or other new areas of the gaming industry will be there too.  For the people that work in this industry, it is a chance to get some training, check out new machines for their casinos, learn about backend systems, and make sure they have good programs for responsible gaming.

If you want to keep up with the action, you might first start by following the #G2E and #G2E12 tags on Twitter.  There will be a steady flow of info over the next few days.

If it is like last year, in the coming days, you will also see new Youtube videos and on new games and new technologies.  I’ll try to repost some good ones here.  Many individuals and companies will be posting to their blog.  As I see things interesting for us forward thinking gamblers, I’ll try to post them here.

In the meantime, here are some blogs to get you started.  If you see a good one, send me a note on twitter ( @CheapGamber ) or post a comment:

The Global Gaming Expo main web page:


And their blog:


One of my favorite news sources is Casino Enterprise Management (don’t let the stuffy name fool you –  it is good content)   http://www.casinoenterprisemanagement.com/

The IGT Blog 🙂 :


Bally and WMS don’t have blogs 😦  but here are their Facebook pages:

Bally: http://www.facebook.com/BallyTechnologies

WMS : http://www.facebook.com/wmsslots