Or not!

Seems there are many new games on the way.  Rather than hitting them all, I thought I’d start with those cool dudes and dudettes at WMS.  You may have heard that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are at G2E. Well, here is the reason:  WMS’s new Kiss video slots. I remember back to six grade where your coolness was measured by how many Kiss albums you have so I’m expecting to look pretty cool behind this bad boy.

Sixth grade is a very formative time and I only had two Kiss albums. I was definitely on the low end of the coolness scale by that measure.   However, I ruled on the comic book scene. I was really glad to see the new Spider-man game also coming from WMS. I couldn’t find a YouTube video (yet!)  but I did find this on the WMS site for more info : http://now.wms.com/winninglines/2012/09/spider-man-swings-into-action/

You can review the other WMS games here but I’d like to point out one more… Cheers.  I still miss Cliff Clavin.

In case you are just here for the Cliff Clavin,  here is one more video for you. Cliff plays Jeopardy like I play slots  🙂  :