Did I tell you Mrs. Gambler and I live between Nashville and Tunica? It’s true.  When we are not hitting the slots “Down the road”, we’re visiting Tootsies and driving by Dolly Parton’s house in Nashville (Dolly, I swear, we are just fans and not stalkers!)

It seems IGT, the company that makes many of the slots machines at your favorite casino, is now radio tagging their customers to get preference data. How else can you explain the latest news about Dolly Parton teaming up with IGT to create a new video game? Its like they know what I like and where I am going!

Not that Mrs. Gambler and I are complaining. The next time we drive by Dolly’s house, we are leaving a “thank you” note.

More than Dolly

As you may have guessed, Dolly is not the only big news. IGT has a few new games out too.  Here is the press release mentioning  everything from Star Wars to Family Guy to Judge Judy.

I also located a couple videos. Video Reel Edge games with a joystick looks pretty fun. You can be bats or turtles depending on if your personality is a bit dark or more bubbly 🙂

I’m also looking forward to the new Twilight Zone in 3D.

It looks like our next few trips to the casino will be a lot of fun. The only question I’m left asking is how quick IGTcan load up the truck with these machines for the nearest casino!