My wife and I have just returned from adding more money to the North Mississippi economy.  We do this two or three times a year and have been going for years.  We are from out-of-state  so it is not even like the money is coming from someplace else in the state. Our destination is usually Tunica and Lula but we hit the museums, Elvis attractions, restaurants and other places along the way.  It’s a fun diversion.

This trip was timed to coincide with the Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau’s 20 year celebration of gaming in this area.  They had a party at Bluesville in the Horseshoe with great music and food.  More importantly, it served as a chance to recognize those folks that had been there from the beginning (I sat with a super nice dealer named “Roy” who was one of those honored).

According to the Tunica CVB, over $2.1 Billion in state and local taxes has been generated.  This includes $704 million that went into the Tunica community.  Additional attractions like the River Park, Golf Course, shooting range, Expo center, and new Gateway to the Blues Visitor center have been added. Roads (including freeways) have been improved or added and there is a growing airport.

Tunica is now looking to expand the economic opportunities though industry diversification. It has a 2,200-acre mega site and has attracted companies like Green Tech Automotive and Schulz Xtruded Products.

As for me, I’m looking forward to winning an electric car or some other Tunica made product in a future gaming promotion  🙂

Good luck!

P.S.  I stole my title from the Tunica CVB