Casino PassionI’m a numbers guy so I sometimes dismiss emotion as a distraction that leads to bad results.  However, any coach, effective leader, or inventor knows that some well-placed emotion can be hugely valuable. The same is true for bloggers.

I have passion for the whole gaming experience.  Finding a fun new game, getting a great deal, traveling, hitting new restaurants and getting away with my wife keep us going back and back and back. It’s what keeps me blogging.

But I haven’t been blogging much lately. In reflection, I think it has to do with my last trip to visit to the Imperial Palace in Vegas. Despite some warning from my twitter friends, I went there anyway. I had been there before and the price was great so I decided to go again.  So, what happened?

  • I got to the casino and walked past the greeter. She was fanning herself.  It seemed the air was broke in the casino.
  • I couldn’t get a drink sitting at the slot machine to save my life (4 days, about 2 drinks).
  • I was sent a package while I was there. At registration, they called to get the package and no one answered. Said to come back in one hour and go to bell hop.  Long story short, it took me four trips downstairs to get my package from some less than sympathetic people at the end of which they tacked on a $5 fee for their service.
  • Room is a bit run down—I expected this given the price so maybe I shouldn’t list it here. Dear Caesars, for $5 I’ll remove this line.
  • Balcony is COVERED with pigeon droppings… won’t be sitting out there.
  • Construction everywhere. Vegas lights replaced with plywood and scaffolding.
Construction behind the Quad

Construction behind the Quad

The Imperial Palace is now gone as the construction was to update it to the new Quad.  I’m hoping it is more than a new name and facelift. Caesars seems to have big plans for the area. And I hope the folks there get some passion back.

If anyone visits, please report back. And if you have had a REALLY good time at another casino hotel lately, comment or send me a tweet.  I need to get my passion back too.