ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 26 19.22There’s a line in “Ocean’s 13” where Al Pacino and Andy Garcia are talking about a new table game that Bernie Mac is touting and Garcia says he’ll try it out at his Tunica property and Pacino says, “Mississippi? That’s where games go to die, isn’t it?”

It sounds funny but its actually the other way around.  Tunica is a great test market that lets us gamers try out the new things.  The number one thing I miss when I go to Vegas is the Caesars drink menu.  Lets say you want some red wine.  You hit the menu on the slot machine, pick wine and beer, pick red wine, and click OK.  In a few minutes, the server is there to provide you with a drink.

Now here is the fun part.  Do you know what other drinks they serve?  It is much more than beer and wine.  Want a millionaire’s coffee?  A white Russian? They are there. Want to try something new.  Go ahead.

I asked the server about how it worked.  Basically, they try to get the drink to you in less than 7 minutes.  Do you think they can do that good in Vegas? I know they can’t.  I’ve tested it!

So, next time you are in Tunica, head over to Harrah’s, Road House, or Horseshoe.  Get a drink and spend some money in appreciation.  We want to keep these good ideas coming!

P.S. If you are in Vegas, tell them you want what Tunica has.  You won’t be sorry!