Gold Strike TunicaGold Strike is one of nicest casinos in Tunica – many would say “The best”. I was a bit disappointed in them this weekend.

Several of us were playing Paradise Fishing Saturday night. I dropped out for a bit to hit the ATM but the other two people with me as well as another guy kept playing.  When I got back, There was a error message across all the screens and no one could cash out.

After a while, we finally tracked down someone.  She made some calls and soon we had three techs and a manager.  The manager apologized and had someone start the paper work for getting us all reimbursed.

After a kind of a long wait, I spoke with one of the guys also waiting for his money. He was about to give up but I mentioned it was talking so long that it they would probably offer some kind of comp. Gold Strike is a quality place, right?

Well, he finally gave up. The two people I was with had about $60 on the machines so couldn’t go.

After a few more minutes, a nice lady finally came by with exact change for two remaining people.

I’m not saying they did anything wrong. It is not their fault the machine broke. They got everyone’s money back.  I just think,  if it was my casino, I might have:

  1. Rounded up to the nearest dollar. Casinos don’t take change.
  2. Offered a comp for the aggravation (buffet coupon, some free slot play?)
  3. Got everyone drinks while they waited (they are free – just flag down a server).
  4. Made sure the customers left the casino happy. Not one did.