Map of the Isle Road Trip

Map of the Isle Road Trip

OK folks, we are going to have some fun.  Baby Gambler is on spring break the end of March (for the record, Baby Gambler is 22). Her boyfriend has spring break at a different time so I and Mrs. Gambler are going to take her on one last vacation before graduation.

We have set up a road trip though parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. If you have never been to this part of the country, now is the time to get a twitter account.  We will be tweeting and Pinteresting and blogging along the way.  I’ll be tweeting as usual as @CheapGambler and will use the #IsleRoadTrip tag to stay in touch.

Isle?  Mississippi and Louisiana are not islands!  Well, like any good parents, we’ve arrange for a benefactor… a rich uncle… a sponsor even.  Several of the Isle of Capri casinos will be putting us up for the night.  So, you can count on a mix of cool things about Louisiana and Mississippi along with a few Mark Twain gambler type stories.

For you folks already living in Louisiana and Mississippi, I’d love some ideas on places to visit. Leave me a comment or send us a tweet!  We’ll be starting the adventure on March 21st.

For the record,  Isle of Capri hasn’t  required anything from us in exchange for our rooms.  I do plan on blogging about them and our travel … but blogging about casinos and travel is what I do anyway.