Mississippi Visitors Tool

I’m doing a bit of research leading up to our Isle Road trip next week.  One of the cool web applications I found is this one from the Visit Mississippi web site.   You can get to it directly at:


ScreenHunter_119 Mar. 16 16.11

First you give you trip a name. Then you get several options to pick your interests.

ScreenHunter_120 Mar. 16 16.11

Here is just A-C and I’m already clicking Arts and Crafts, Bluegrass, Blues Trail, Book Stores, Car Shows and casinos.

This gave a HUGE number of results! With the next try, I just picked Car Shows.

ScreenHunter_121 Mar. 16 16.15

This gave a nice list of the car shows in Mississippi with a map.


For an actual trip, you can limit it by dates and cities.  There are also some pre mades trips on the coast, the Civil War, and historic homes. You can even get driving directions.

What I need to do is set one up for our upcoming #IsleRoadTrip along with some previous vacations I’ve done in Biloxi and Tunica.

Who knew there was so much to do in Mississippi?