#IsleRoadTrip Series

IMG_4302Gambling and steamboats have been a part of American culture since before the times of Mark Twain. So, we were pretty happy driving up to the Isle of Capri in Natchez. The riverboat, essentially permanently  docked to the shore, is three levels with slot machines on all of them.  The top level also has a nice buffet.

The Isle hotel at Natchez is located at the top of the hill by the river.  They provide a shuttle for running people back and forth to the casino.  It is also across from a well staffed visitor’s center where you can get tickets for visiting the local attractions.  In our case, we got some tickets for a carriage ride tour around the city and a tour of the Stanton  hall.

I need to point out the people at Natchez Isle of Capri.  My wife, daughter and I  were talking about how pleasant the people were at the casino after our first stop. Everyone smiled and wished us luck.  At sunset, I went outside to get some pictures and ended chatting a bit with the valet (Jerry) as he hustled about parking cars.  The guy was friendly and positive about his job (despite having to work in all kinds of weather).  The Isle does a good job getting people like this.

On the way out I also watched Marcie (working the front desk at the Isle hotel) deal with some particularly demanding customers. They reminded me of my parents who can be particularly picky 🙂 .  She was exceptionally polite and patient – another credit to the Isle hiring practices.  I hope the Isle management reads this as it is always good to know your employees are doing a good job, even when you are not watching.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, the Isle provided us a free room.  Natchez Isle also went above and beyond, providing us with three buffet passes, for a carriage ride and tour of a local home.  They did not ask for anything in return and our enjoyment of the Natchez area, as reflected in this blog,  is quite genuine. This is definitely a place you want to visit.