SimCity Casino

To pass the time between (casino) gaming trips, I’m playing SimCity. You built and run a city that can specialize in different areas. Having actually been to real life casinos, I figure I can rule this game.  Here is what I’ve learned:

For Vegas:

  1. A convention center helps bring in more touristsIMG_1070.
  2. Build some other tourist attractions, like the Sears tower or an Eifel tower.
  3. A disco in a high tower is a good idea.
  4. Criminals like casinos.  You have to hire more police. Better yet, add a super hero base.

For Tunica:

  1. You can’t build a casino in the middle of a field (really, Tunica, I don’t know how you made this work!)IMG_0736
  2. Be sure you have lots of shuttle buses.
  3.  You have to have good roads leading to your casinos.
  4. It’s good to bring in tourists by boat and train.
  5. A comedy club will bring in more people.
  6. Random disasters will shut down your casinos.

There is not yet an option to have a group of Elvis impersonators patrol the streets. I’m not sure why as you can find these both in Vegas and Tunica. Bad research by EA, I guess.


Tunica Funny Bone