I’m a blogger and a gamer. I’m involved in social media. I’m also cheap. I thought I’d combine those into a new blog on how to have a good time at the casinos without spending a fortune.

My wife is helping me out as the cooking and crafting expert. She knows her food and is the buffet expert.   Together we love to travel and she helps keep me from being too big of a penny pincher. We have traveled all over the world but there is always more to see, sometimes very close to home (we are living in Alabama right now).

I’ve got a few goals for this blog. I’d like to connect with others who occasionally hit the casinos or travel for some entertainment.  While I love to follow the pros and plan to post some of there tips, we are mainly looking for a good time. I also like to talk to the casinos, hotels and others in the travel industry about social media. Some of these people are pretty progressive but some are sooooooo  behind! If you see me blogging about your hotel or casino, feel free to come talk to me. I’ll be glad to give you the “plugged into the internet” customer perspective! 🙂

I’m keen on mathematics. I know you can’t beat the casinos (unless you count cards which sounds like too much work and will eventually result in you getting kicked out of the casino).  Having said that, I know that many of my friends lose money faster than they should by misunderstanding a few mathematical concepts. I’ll talk about that is some posts.

Along with this blog, I’ve set up a daily gamer “paper” that scans my followers in my news twitter list looking for good stories they have tweeted.  I modify the group as I go trying to keep it high on information and low on marketing fluff.

We also have a twitter account for this blog (@CheapGambler) and if I see a good deal or some interesting news I’m quick to tweet it. If you see one, let me know!  Or, you can just use it to say “hi”.  Usually it me but if you see the occasional mention of a husband, its probably my wife 🙂