#IsleRoadTrip Series

IMG_4302Gambling and steamboats have been a part of American culture since before the times of Mark Twain. So, we were pretty happy driving up to the Isle of Capri in Natchez. The riverboat, essentially permanently  docked to the shore, is three levels with slot machines on all of them.  The top level also has a nice buffet. (more…)


#IsleRoadTrip Series

We are on day 2 our our tour of Mississippi and Louisiana.  Vicksburg has been a big positive surprise.   My dad is a big civil war buff as is my oldest son. It skipped a generation with me but you can’t live with either of them without hearing about the battle of Vicksburg.

The big thing here, of course, is the historical battle field which I’m TOTALLY unqualified to talk about (here is another good link from the Civil War trust). So, I’ll point out the nice city, pretty views of the river, shopping and several fun casinos(more…)

#IsleRoadTrip Series

Isle CheapGambler #IsleRoadTripA woman, disguised at the wife of a blogger currently doing some stories on Isle casinos, made off with hundreds of dollars from the Isle of Capri Lula casino on Friday night.

“She seemed like just your regular person”, said one bystander. So good was here disguise that some people actually congratulated her. (more…)

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 26 19.22There’s a line in “Ocean’s 13” where Al Pacino and Andy Garcia are talking about a new table game that Bernie Mac is touting and Garcia says he’ll try it out at his Tunica property and Pacino says, “Mississippi? That’s where games go to die, isn’t it?”

It sounds funny but its actually the other way around.  Tunica is a great test market that lets us gamers try out the new things.  The number one thing I miss when I go to Vegas is the Caesars drink menu.  Lets say you want some red wine.  You hit the menu on the slot machine, pick wine and beer, pick red wine, and click OK.  In a few minutes, the server is there to provide you with a drink. (more…)

Or not!

Seems there are many new games on the way.  Rather than hitting them all, I thought I’d start with those cool dudes and dudettes at WMS.  You may have heard that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are at G2E. Well, here is the reason:  WMS’s new Kiss video slots. I remember back to six grade where your coolness was measured by how many Kiss albums you have so I’m expecting to look pretty cool behind this bad boy.


Watching the news tonight, I finally figured out the Isaac’s path. (more…)

I managed to get out to Lone Butte Casino in Arizona the other day.  Its a nice casino so I don’t want to be too negative but it was one of my worst casino experiences ever.

Now it is not their fault.  The place was packed and it is a nice casino. I bet they are making good money.  Here what the problems were: (more…)