I’ve been a bit quiet lately… oh you can still find me on twitter chatting away but I’ve not been traveling much.  That should change in a few weeks.

From my last post, you saw I’ve not had much luck finding a deal in Biloxi.  At the same time, Resorts Tunica sent me a free room comp and my wife got some free slots coupons.  So, for now, it looks like more on Tunica. (more…)


The other day, I asked my twitter followers what would be a good Tunica post and  @TunicaReb suggested the “3C’s of Tunica”. I had no idea what these 3 C’s were until he gave me a few hints. Today my wife and I spent the day tracking them down.

As you might guess, one of the three C’s is “Casino”.  We happen to be staying at Sam’s Town  Casino today. Its a nice hotel where you can take an elevator right to the Casino or eat at one of several dinner locations. I’ve got a whole post coming on this place but for now, let me just say I love the free WIFI in the lobby and multi option shower heads (Note to hotels – bloggers love free WiFi 🙂 ). (more…)