Or not!

Seems there are many new games on the way.  Rather than hitting them all, I thought I’d start with those cool dudes and dudettes at WMS.  You may have heard that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are at G2E. Well, here is the reason:  WMS’s new Kiss video slots. I remember back to six grade where your coolness was measured by how many Kiss albums you have so I’m expecting to look pretty cool behind this bad boy.



G2E12 is the Global Gaming Exposition held in Las Vegas every year.  All those companies that make those wonderful slot machine we like to play will be there showing off their coolest stuff. It’s a great time to tune into the social media channels to see what fun we are in for in the coming year. (more…)

If you love gaming and technology, one of the big things last week was the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (@G2EVegas on Twitter) .  Tweets were flying with the #G2E and #G2E2010 tags.

Now I guess most of the people that read this blog are not going to buy one of these games.  It is the casino based businesses that want them but its still fun to see what is new (more…)