SimCity Casino

To pass the time between (casino) gaming trips, I’m playing SimCity. You built and run a city that can specialize in different areas. Having actually been to real life casinos, I figure I can rule this game.  Here is what I’ve learned: (more…)


#IsleRoadTrip Series

Isle CheapGambler #IsleRoadTripA woman, disguised at the wife of a blogger currently doing some stories on Isle casinos, made off with hundreds of dollars from the Isle of Capri Lula casino on Friday night.

“She seemed like just your regular person”, said one bystander. So good was here disguise that some people actually congratulated her. (more…)

Map of the Isle Road Trip

Map of the Isle Road Trip

OK folks, we are going to have some fun.  Baby Gambler is on spring break the end of March (for the record, Baby Gambler is 22). Her boyfriend has spring break at a different time so I and Mrs. Gambler are going to take her on one last vacation before graduation.

We have set up a road trip though parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. If you have never been to this part of the country, now is the time to get a twitter account.  We will be tweeting and Pinteresting and blogging along the way.  I’ll be tweeting as usual as @CheapGambler and will use the #IsleRoadTrip tag to stay in touch. (more…)

Gold Strike TunicaGold Strike is one of nicest casinos in Tunica – many would say “The best”. I was a bit disappointed in them this weekend.

Several of us were playing Paradise Fishing Saturday night. I dropped out for a bit to hit the ATM but the other two people with me as well as another guy kept playing.  When I got back, There was a error message across all the screens and no one could cash out. (more…)

My wife and I have just returned from adding more money to the North Mississippi economy.  We do this two or three times a year and have been going for years.  We are from out-of-state  so it is not even like the money is coming from someplace else in the state. Our destination is usually Tunica and Lula but we hit the museums, Elvis attractions, restaurants and other places along the way.  It’s a fun diversion.

This trip was timed to coincide with the Tunica Convention and Visitors Bureau’s 20 year celebration of gaming in this area.  They had a party at Bluesville in the Horseshoe with great music and food.  More importantly, it served as a chance to recognize those folks that had been there from the beginning (I sat with a super nice dealer named “Roy” who was one of those honored). (more…)

OK, the team is just my wife and me but don’t tell anyone.

I thought I’d give you all a heads up on some upcoming travels.  Send me if note (or comment) if you think of anything that would make a good blog post while we are doing our “field research” 🙂

To start with, we are heading to Tunica later this week to celebrate 20 years of casinos in Tunica.  I understand the first casino opened its doors on 19 October 1992 so we should be there on the exact date. There has got to be a story here. (more…)

G2E12 is the Global Gaming Exposition held in Las Vegas every year.  All those companies that make those wonderful slot machine we like to play will be there showing off their coolest stuff. It’s a great time to tune into the social media channels to see what fun we are in for in the coming year. (more…)