OK, the team is just my wife and me but don’t tell anyone.

I thought I’d give you all a heads up on some upcoming travels.  Send me if note (or comment) if you think of anything that would make a good blog post while we are doing our “field research” 🙂

To start with, we are heading to Tunica later this week to celebrate 20 years of casinos in Tunica.  I understand the first casino opened its doors on 19 October 1992 so we should be there on the exact date. There has got to be a story here. (more…)


Watching the news tonight, I finally figured out the Isaac’s path. (more…)

If you are playing the Total Rewards Escape to Millions in Prizes contest (click here for my last post on this), you may know you can enter “secret” codes on the web site for extra plays. Along with leveraging social media,  Caesar’s is likely using these values to collect some metrics on the different social media properties.

While probably not a surprise for some of you, the gaming community has banned together to work on this contest together. If you are looking for codes, here are some place that might help.


(Update 3/17/2012 – Lot of people hitting this post looking for Total Rewards codes. You probably want this post.)

I try not to be taken in by those clever marketing programs the casinos are always running but sometimes I just can’t help myself. With all the money Caesars seems to be putting into their latest Total Rewards Escape to Millions campaign, quite a few of you are going to be pleased you entered.

For those looking for some fun entertainment at a very low cost, now is the time to head to Tunica.

Dan Chopin

We managed to catch Dan O’Sullivan and opener Dan Chopin this Friday night and I have to say, it was the best $2 we have ever paid.   Can you believe that?  Just two bucks. We even got front row seats. (more…)

I haven’t been to Pennsylvania in YEARS so when I did go, I had to check out Harrah’s Chester for my blog.  Along with the casino, they also have a racetrack and, according to some of my twitter peeps, one of the best Poker rooms around. (more…)

I got the chance to visit Harrah’s Cherokee  (@HarrahsCherokee on Twitter) last week as I pursue the “Total Rewards Great Race”.  The casino is owned by the Eastern band of the Cherokee and run by Caesar’s Entertainment (so your Total Reward’s Card will work here).

The casino is lucky to be one of the few in the area but has historically had to deal with some unusual rules. Until recently, alcohol could not be served and the state still does not allow live dealers (although this may change). The last one is a bit strange as many (most?) customers would like live dealers and I assume it would mean a few more jobs for the area. (more…)