Did I tell you Mrs. Gambler and I live between Nashville and Tunica? It’s true.  When we are not hitting the slots “Down the road”, we’re visiting Tootsies and driving by Dolly Parton’s house in Nashville (Dolly, I swear, we are just fans and not stalkers!)

It seems IGT, the company that makes many of the slots machines at your favorite casino, is now radio tagging their customers to get preference data. How else can you explain the latest news about Dolly Parton teaming up with IGT to create a new video game? Its like they know what I like and where I am going! (more…)


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If you saw my post about going to Tunica, you may have seen I was hoping to learn a bit about some of the table games.  I got lucky that the fun folks at Isle of Capri in Lula saw this and helped me out (BTW, it is an interesting story how this happened but I’m going to save that for another blog).

While I was at the Isle of Capri casino, I played a bit of Marco Polo via twitter with Baxter Lee and Oney Cross who work at the casino (this is a fun game if you don’t know what the other person looks like 😉 ).  Luckily we were playing at the rather visible Top Dollar slots so Baxter and Oney didn’t have too much trouble. (more…)

If you love gaming and technology, one of the big things last week was the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (@G2EVegas on Twitter) .  Tweets were flying with the #G2E and #G2E2010 tags.

Now I guess most of the people that read this blog are not going to buy one of these games.  It is the casino based businesses that want them but its still fun to see what is new (more…)