In one of my old posts, I complained a bit the iSpin App for the Ceasars (Harrah’s) casinos.  I’m glad to report they now have serious  a app available at the Apple App Store. I’ve been using it the last few days and I like it.

To find the App, you can search for “Total Rewards myTR” or just “Caesars” if you want to see all the Caesars apps. After you install it, you enter your TR account number and password and you are good to go… all your info at a touch of the button (and it remembers it all too. I used to hate that about the iSpin app). (more…)


I still remember where I was sitting the first time I played a slot machine.  We had just walked into the casino with lights and sounds everywhere. We walked up to a machine and were trying to figure out where to put the money.  Then we saw we had to get a ticket to feed in.

We found the machine to get a $10 ticket  and were confounded by the “lines”  These are buttons usually at the bottom of the machine or sometimes on the screen that let you pick which 5 items in a row you want to play. You look at the game and think, “OK, three rows, so three lines, right?”  Nope, there are 20 lines!