I still remember where I was sitting the first time I played a slot machine.  We had just walked into the casino with lights and sounds everywhere. We walked up to a machine and were trying to figure out where to put the money.  Then we saw we had to get a ticket to feed in.

We found the machine to get a $10 ticket  and were confounded by the “lines”  These are buttons usually at the bottom of the machine or sometimes on the screen that let you pick which 5 items in a row you want to play. You look at the game and think, “OK, three rows, so three lines, right?”  Nope, there are 20 lines!



I was watching football at sports pub the other night and we got to a slow point in the game. This seemed like a good time to check any comps I got after visting a few casinos early in the month. Harrahs,  Boyd, and MGM all  have iPhone apps which is MUCH better than having to log on to the casino web site with a tiny browser. (more…)