#IsleRoadTrip Series

Remember the days when you signed up for your first player’s card?  If you don’t, it is probably because you don’t have one!

I took my daughter over to the FanClub booth and she got a free T-shirt. I have an “Isle Casino Hotel” hat from years ago so we’ll be stylin’ on this trip.

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#IsleRoadTrip Series

Isle CheapGambler #IsleRoadTripA woman, disguised at the wife of a blogger currently doing some stories on Isle casinos, made off with hundreds of dollars from the Isle of Capri Lula casino on Friday night.

“She seemed like just your regular person”, said one bystander. So good was here disguise that some people actually congratulated her. (more…)

#IsleRoadTrip Series

ScreenHunter_133 Mar. 21 20.38If you are traveling though Mississippi or Louisiana the next few days, watch for a blue dodge charger with a big “Cheap Gambler” magnet on it. We are hitting the road tomorrow. (more…)

During one of my trips to Tunica a year or two ago, @eplastino caught me tweeting about the casinos I was visiting. I don’t recall the whole conversation but the gist was we should visit the Isle of Capri in Lula.  Always up for adventure, my wife and I jumped in the car and headed to Lula. (more…)

We just got back from a fun trip to Isle of Capri in Lula, Mississippi (more on that later).  On the way out, I saw this real cutie hanging out by the rooms. Being a dog lover, I had to stop and chat. (more…)