SimCity Casino

To pass the time between (casino) gaming trips, I’m playing SimCity. You built and run a city that can specialize in different areas. Having actually been to real life casinos, I figure I can rule this game.  Here is what I’ve learned: (more…)


OK, the team is just my wife and me but don’t tell anyone.

I thought I’d give you all a heads up on some upcoming travels.  Send me if note (or comment) if you think of anything that would make a good blog post while we are doing our “field research” 🙂

To start with, we are heading to Tunica later this week to celebrate 20 years of casinos in Tunica.  I understand the first casino opened its doors on 19 October 1992 so we should be there on the exact date. There has got to be a story here. (more…)

G2E12 is the Global Gaming Exposition held in Las Vegas every year.  All those companies that make those wonderful slot machine we like to play will be there showing off their coolest stuff. It’s a great time to tune into the social media channels to see what fun we are in for in the coming year. (more…)

I thought I’d wrap up my Vegas series with a couple other fun places I visited while on the strip.  The chatter on twitter has been around the Cosmopolitan that just opened in December. I had to head over to check out the place. What I found was the Chandelier which is ½ art work, ½ three story bar.  So, even if you are not staying there, its worth stopping by to check it out. (more…)

No, I’m talking about the “Hot babes direct to you” which was written on the side of a billboard truck driving by as I took a pic (another thing we are missing in Tunica).  I’m talking about the Sugar Factory. (more…)

As you can see from this post and the last, the Rio is a pretty fun place.  They have a VooDoo Beach with pools shaped like shells… I know because my room overlooked them (see pics below).

You also have got to love the view from my room. I started getting a bit picture happy taking them at night, during the day, and at sun rise (the pictures with a little color in the sky). (more…)

When you land in Vegas, you know you are there from the slot machines in the airport.  If that is not enough, the Chippendale dancers meet you at baggage claim (okay, its really just a big billboard of them – you have to go to the Rio to see them). (more…)