Map of the Isle Road Trip

Map of the Isle Road Trip

My wife, daughter and I hit four Isle hotels and casinos as well as some of the most interesting places in Mississippi and Louisiana.  At the end of the trip, we had totaled 1200 miles and several new friends.

To wrap things up, I thought I’d list out the posts so you can find them in a single location.  Wineries, maps, interesting museums, winning casino stories… they are all here. (more…)


#IsleRoadTrip Series

Remember the days when you signed up for your first player’s card?  If you don’t, it is probably because you don’t have one!

I took my daughter over to the FanClub booth and she got a free T-shirt. I have an “Isle Casino Hotel” hat from years ago so we’ll be stylin’ on this trip.

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#IsleRoadTrip Series

IMG_1437If you caught my last post on our upcoming #IsleRoadTrip, you may be wondering who Isle of Capri is. They are not as big as MGM Resorts, Penn National Gaming, Caesars Entertainment, or Boyd Gaming.  You don’t find them in Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monty Carlo.

The Isle is really more of a mid-west and southern casino company.  And they are not small.  They have 15 gaming and entertainment facilities in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  Did I mention Mississippi?  They have three casinos there and we’ll be hitting all of them.


OK, the team is just my wife and me but don’t tell anyone.

I thought I’d give you all a heads up on some upcoming travels.  Send me if note (or comment) if you think of anything that would make a good blog post while we are doing our “field research” 🙂

To start with, we are heading to Tunica later this week to celebrate 20 years of casinos in Tunica.  I understand the first casino opened its doors on 19 October 1992 so we should be there on the exact date. There has got to be a story here. (more…)

Watching the news tonight, I finally figured out the Isaac’s path. (more…)

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If you saw my post about going to Tunica, you may have seen I was hoping to learn a bit about some of the table games.  I got lucky that the fun folks at Isle of Capri in Lula saw this and helped me out (BTW, it is an interesting story how this happened but I’m going to save that for another blog).

While I was at the Isle of Capri casino, I played a bit of Marco Polo via twitter with Baxter Lee and Oney Cross who work at the casino (this is a fun game if you don’t know what the other person looks like 😉 ).  Luckily we were playing at the rather visible Top Dollar slots so Baxter and Oney didn’t have too much trouble. (more…)

I’ve started this post three times and FINALLY decided it should be several posts. I want to talk about Isle of Capri in Lula, MS— for those that have not been, I want to talk about how I ended up visiting them – for those interested in social media,  and I want to talk about learning craps – for those interested in actual gaming 😉

So, for post one, we will start with Isle of Capri. (more…)