Back in the day, before my  trip to Vegas that introduced me to Britney Spears and the floods that decimated the Tunica Casino industry (ok, not really – they are all running now), I was working on a series of post on the new Gateway to the Blues.  (Go back and read part I now). (more…)


I was off watching twitter the other day when I saw the Tunica Convention and Visitor Bureau was putting in a bid for the Social Media Tourism Symposium to come to Tunica. Others are doing it too and afterward everyone will vote on where to go. It sounds like a great idea where the concensus decides where to have the conference.

Now I’m not a part of the tourism business except as someone who likes to travel a lot. No one suggested I write this and I don’t even live in Mississippi.  I’m probably closer to some other locations. As you can guess from my domain name, I do like to visit the casinos which is why I have some personal experience with Tunica. (more…)