When you walk into a casino, what is the first thing you do? If you are like me, you check to see if any of your favorite games are there or maybe look for some new game that you have wanted to try. I thought for this post, I’d review some of our favorite video slots.

First of all, let me say my wife and I like the bonus games, especially those that let you play together. There are a lot of great games out there but since we like to do our gaming side by side, our favorites below kind of lean that way. (more…)


In my quest for great deals in Tunica, I ended up at an unlikely place, Gold Strike Tunica. We found a room for $53.75 (see my last post)  which is a nice price for Gold Strike but a high price for someone “thrifty” like me (Mrs gambler uses another word 😦 ) (more…)

I’ve been having some fun with my gaming blog watching what is happening in the casino and gaming market. While I’m no business analyst and would be lucky to win a game of poker against my dog, I do have my ear to the ground on twitter and have wicked Google skilz. Let’s see where that takes me (I avoided mentioning staying at the Holiday Inn Express but heres a good video if that adds to my credibility 🙂  ) (more…)