Back in the day, before my  trip to Vegas that introduced me to Britney Spears and the floods that decimated the Tunica Casino industry (ok, not really – they are all running now), I was working on a series of post on the new Gateway to the Blues.  (Go back and read part I now). (more…)


Last month I mentioned my falling stats due to not blogging as much.  As any social media expert will tell you, few posts = low traffic. At the time, the big news was that the Social Media Tourism conference had chosen Tunica for its next conference in November (even more important now).  I posted about this and resolved to be a better blogger.

Heres where the weirdness started… I made a trip to Vegas and my traffic started rising before I even put out a post. The flooding around the Mississippi especially around Memphis and Tunica was becoming news and I’m guessing some of my Tunica posts were becoming news too (see first 4 columns in the post above)  Of course, being a Tunica Casino regular, I was glued to the internet watching what happened. I wrote about Tunica looking like a “Reel’em in game” (a popular video fishing game at many of the casinos) and when I saw some good pictures and videos, I did a post on this too. These things compounded and I’m now getting well over a 1000 hits a day. (more…)

As You can see, my blog traffic is taking a major dip!  This is what happens when real live intrudes into your blogging activity. Until I work my way into being a highly paid Tunica gambling and blogging consultant (or win big in Tunica 😉 ) , I’ve still got to pay the bills with a real job. (more…)

I was off watching twitter the other day when I saw the Tunica Convention and Visitor Bureau was putting in a bid for the Social Media Tourism Symposium to come to Tunica. Others are doing it too and afterward everyone will vote on where to go. It sounds like a great idea where the concensus decides where to have the conference.

Now I’m not a part of the tourism business except as someone who likes to travel a lot. No one suggested I write this and I don’t even live in Mississippi.  I’m probably closer to some other locations. As you can guess from my domain name, I do like to visit the casinos which is why I have some personal experience with Tunica. (more…)

I’ve been a bit quiet lately… oh you can still find me on twitter chatting away but I’ve not been traveling much.  That should change in a few weeks.

From my last post, you saw I’ve not had much luck finding a deal in Biloxi.  At the same time, Resorts Tunica sent me a free room comp and my wife got some free slots coupons.  So, for now, it looks like more on Tunica. (more…)