I hate to keep shilling for Total Rewards  (I think this is my third post in a row about them) but this video is great:

If any other casinos have some funny videos, let me know.  I’ll post them too 🙂


If you are playing the Total Rewards Escape to Millions in Prizes contest (click here for my last post on this), you may know you can enter “secret” codes on the web site for extra plays. Along with leveraging social media,  Caesar’s is likely using these values to collect some metrics on the different social media properties.

While probably not a surprise for some of you, the gaming community has banned together to work on this contest together. If you are looking for codes, here are some place that might help.


(Update 3/17/2012 – Lot of people hitting this post looking for Total Rewards codes. You probably want this post.)

I try not to be taken in by those clever marketing programs the casinos are always running but sometimes I just can’t help myself. With all the money Caesars seems to be putting into their latest Total Rewards Escape to Millions campaign, quite a few of you are going to be pleased you entered.

Believe it or not, I’m not a professional blogger paid to visit the best casinos in the Northern Hemisphere.  I actually have to subsidize my income with a real job. It has kept me busy lately so my blog posts have been slow in coming.

On the plus side, I’ve still been able to hit a few casinos. In my last post, I hit Pennsylvania for a quick trip and have since hit a couple casinos in Arizona. The first was Harrah’s AkChin.  This had the extra advantage that Mrs Gambler and I were able to hit three Caesars Casinos for the Total Rewards Great Race competition. While I understand why many of you don’t want the casinos tracking you by using a rewards card, it really is an easy way to pick up some extra perks. (more…)

I got the chance to visit Harrah’s Cherokee  (@HarrahsCherokee on Twitter) last week as I pursue the “Total Rewards Great Race”.  The casino is owned by the Eastern band of the Cherokee and run by Caesar’s Entertainment (so your Total Reward’s Card will work here).

The casino is lucky to be one of the few in the area but has historically had to deal with some unusual rules. Until recently, alcohol could not be served and the state still does not allow live dealers (although this may change). The last one is a bit strange as many (most?) customers would like live dealers and I assume it would mean a few more jobs for the area. (more…)

This Harrah's phrase has new meaning!

I’ve been posting about the Mississippi floods especially around the Tunica casinos. Some of the pictures really are amazing.  The good news is the casinos are starting to open. So, if you work there or just have some pent up need for a good time, things are looking up!

I caught up with Valerie Morris, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs, Caesars Mid-South : (more…)

In one of my old posts, I complained a bit the iSpin App for the Ceasars (Harrah’s) casinos.  I’m glad to report they now have serious  a app available at the Apple App Store. I’ve been using it the last few days and I like it.

To find the App, you can search for “Total Rewards myTR” or just “Caesars” if you want to see all the Caesars apps. After you install it, you enter your TR account number and password and you are good to go… all your info at a touch of the button (and it remembers it all too. I used to hate that about the iSpin app). (more…)