This Harrah's phrase has new meaning!

I’ve been posting about the Mississippi floods especially around the Tunica casinos. Some of the pictures really are amazing.  The good news is the casinos are starting to open. So, if you work there or just have some pent up need for a good time, things are looking up!

I caught up with Valerie Morris, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs, Caesars Mid-South : (more…)


I tried to collect some of the better pictures of what the Mississippi flood looks like around the Tunica casinos. If you have some good ones, let me know and I can add to this post. It is strange seeing the places I walk though all the time now being underwater.

BTW, many of these pics come from TunicaMS by a photographer named Trey Clark.  You can click on the pics to see larger versions or go to TunicaMS Flickr set. (more…)

This is what all of Tunica looks like now

I left town for Vegas one week and all of Tunica almost gets wiped out! Thank goodness they managed to save the “Casino Dog” over by Gold Strike,   I was just at the Gold Strike a few weeks ago and also the Fitz.  Take a look at how you get to the Fitz today 😦