Last year, we were in New Orleans and took the scenic route along the beach back to Alabama. Some how, I had completely missed that fact Biloxi has casinos too. I remember finding out from one of the Isle of Capri peeps on  twitter. (more…)


I’ve been kind of serious in my last few posts.  I like talking social media but its time to focus on something more fun, vacation plans 🙂

The other day I made reservations for the Rio in Vegas in May.  I’ve been joking around with @RioVegas about hanging out at the VooDoo Beach (I thought Vegas was in a dessert but I’m no expert.  Maybe it is all sand?)    I’ve also been following a few more Vegas tweeters.  If you have recomendations of good people to follow, let me know. (more…)

If you are a regular casino customer, stop reading now. I want to talk with the casino people.

If you follow me on twitter, you know we are heading to Tunica December 19.  Why?  Because I have three kids home from school and it gets scary around here!  So, they will be watching the dogs while we get away 🙂

I’ll likely be tweeting out the trip from @Cheapgambler… well, at least until Mrs. Cheapgambler makes me put the iPhone away.  We won’t be hitting the Museum or the Hollywood Cafe this time – these are good places but there is so much of Tunica we have yet to visit. (more…)

I did a post on some things the casino industry does wrong with social media so now lets talk about some example where they do it right.

One thing  resorts and casinos need to do is built community and support the communities that are out there.  Casinos, you have some great products – cool games, great meals, and fun places – which gives you a big advantage.  I talk all the time to friends (real and virtual) and we talk about you.  We don’t mind people that work for the casinos participating in the conversation although we do get irritated with heavy handed marketing.  So, to start,  I’ll point you to a great resource – Chris Brogan who has a good talk on Social Media and Building community (watch it now… I’ll wait).

So now, let me throw out a very good example. (more…)

I got to chatting with @playerspot and @EastCoastGamblr on twitter the other day when I started venting about DM’s I get. Ignoring the obvious “make money with your tweets!”,  “I’m a social media expert to help you get more followers!” and other spam here are some #FAIL examples from more serious tweeters and businesses. (note, I hate to slam the folks doing it wrong so the names and companies are not listed – besides, we on twitter know who you are 😉 )


Even if you don’t own a computer, you have likely seen the quickly growing references to Twitter and Facebook on TV.  There is a whole domain out there called “social media” that includes this, those Youtube videos you watch and even this blog.

Businesses are trying to tap into this and casino’s are no different.  Why do they want to “get social?”  The fact is, we are more likely to visit a casino or hotel or city because the friends we trust recommended it than because of a fancy ad on a web page. We are also more likely to avoid it if those we consider knowledgeable have a bad experience. (more…)