SimCity Casino

To pass the time between (casino) gaming trips, I’m playing SimCity. You built and run a city that can specialize in different areas. Having actually been to real life casinos, I figure I can rule this game.  Here is what I’ve learned: (more…)


My son was on the Vegas Strip two days ago with his GoPro Hero 3 mounted to a convertible Mustang. While I was putting together this video 24 hours later,  there was this shooting in Vegas.  check it out at about 19 seconds in where he passes the place where the cars crashed.


ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 26 19.22There’s a line in “Ocean’s 13” where Al Pacino and Andy Garcia are talking about a new table game that Bernie Mac is touting and Garcia says he’ll try it out at his Tunica property and Pacino says, “Mississippi? That’s where games go to die, isn’t it?”

It sounds funny but its actually the other way around.  Tunica is a great test market that lets us gamers try out the new things.  The number one thing I miss when I go to Vegas is the Caesars drink menu.  Lets say you want some red wine.  You hit the menu on the slot machine, pick wine and beer, pick red wine, and click OK.  In a few minutes, the server is there to provide you with a drink. (more…)

Casino PassionI’m a numbers guy so I sometimes dismiss emotion as a distraction that leads to bad results.  However, any coach, effective leader, or inventor knows that some well-placed emotion can be hugely valuable. The same is true for bloggers.

I have passion for the whole gaming experience.  Finding a fun new game, getting a great deal, traveling, hitting new restaurants and getting away with my wife keep us going back and back and back. It’s what keeps me blogging.

But I haven’t been blogging much lately. In reflection, I think it has to do with my last trip to visit to the Imperial Palace in Vegas. (more…)

If you are playing the Total Rewards Escape to Millions in Prizes contest (click here for my last post on this), you may know you can enter “secret” codes on the web site for extra plays. Along with leveraging social media,  Caesar’s is likely using these values to collect some metrics on the different social media properties.

While probably not a surprise for some of you, the gaming community has banned together to work on this contest together. If you are looking for codes, here are some place that might help.


I thought I’d wrap up my Vegas series with a couple other fun places I visited while on the strip.  The chatter on twitter has been around the Cosmopolitan that just opened in December. I had to head over to check out the place. What I found was the Chandelier which is ½ art work, ½ three story bar.  So, even if you are not staying there, its worth stopping by to check it out. (more…)

No, I’m talking about the “Hot babes direct to you” which was written on the side of a billboard truck driving by as I took a pic (another thing we are missing in Tunica).  I’m talking about the Sugar Factory. (more…)