In our trip to Tunica a few days ago, we decided to push ourselves a bit out our of comfort zone. There are quite a few things that people seem to be having a great time doing that are totally new to us and maybe new to you too. We will start with this post on shooting shotguns!

In our case, we got invited to The Willows to try out “Sporting Clays”.  This is where you hit little round disks with a shotgun.  The Tunica CVB had a good post on it which you should read. Assuming you just did, I’d like to go at it from a different angle with some information that will make it VERY easy for you to try it too. (more…)


So my twitter peeps likely know I’ve been in Tunica the last few days.  I’ve got a lot to report so here are some things to come: (more…)