Or not!

Seems there are many new games on the way.  Rather than hitting them all, I thought I’d start with those cool dudes and dudettes at WMS.  You may have heard that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are at G2E. Well, here is the reason:  WMS’s new Kiss video slots. I remember back to six grade where your coolness was measured by how many Kiss albums you have so I’m expecting to look pretty cool behind this bad boy.



We just got back from a weekend in Tunica.  I’ve got a lot to report so I thought I’d start with some new video slots.

WMS has come up with a series of games called “Colossal Reels”.  Usually, we hit different casinos to try different games but on this trip I spend ½ my slot money on the different variations of this game at each casino (I saw it at Gold Strike, Resorts, and Horseshoe)


I’m sitting in my hotel room at Isle Biloxi right now, so I’m going to make this a short post (+1 for Isle and free wifi).

WMS on Twitter has mentioned Epic Monopoly so I’ve been wanting to try it  (BTW, you should follow WMS.  They actually talk to you!) .  I tried to play it on my last trip to Tunica and it was never free.  We had the same problem at Isle so we finally sat at some machines around it, Mrs Gambler and I ready to pounce 🙂  We out lasted a couple little old ladies and finally got our chance. (more…)

Believe it or not, I’m not a professional blogger paid to visit the best casinos in the Northern Hemisphere.  I actually have to subsidize my income with a real job. It has kept me busy lately so my blog posts have been slow in coming.

On the plus side, I’ve still been able to hit a few casinos. In my last post, I hit Pennsylvania for a quick trip and have since hit a couple casinos in Arizona. The first was Harrah’s AkChin.  This had the extra advantage that Mrs Gambler and I were able to hit three Caesars Casinos for the Total Rewards Great Race competition. While I understand why many of you don’t want the casinos tracking you by using a rewards card, it really is an easy way to pick up some extra perks. (more…)

In my quest for great deals in Tunica, I ended up at an unlikely place, Gold Strike Tunica. We found a room for $53.75 (see my last post)  which is a nice price for Gold Strike but a high price for someone “thrifty” like me (Mrs gambler uses another word 😦 ) (more…)

I’ve been having some fun with my gaming blog watching what is happening in the casino and gaming market. While I’m no business analyst and would be lucky to win a game of poker against my dog, I do have my ear to the ground on twitter and have wicked Google skilz. Let’s see where that takes me (I avoided mentioning staying at the Holiday Inn Express but heres a good video if that adds to my credibility 🙂  ) (more…)