Old South Winery
I’m a wine snob. I don’t mean I go around looking down on others who can’t tell a Chardonnay from a Pinot Noir saying “How Gouche!”  I just mean I generally won’t drink wines from inferior grapes like Muscadine. Unlike European grapes than have been cultivated and refined for centuries, the Muscadine is an American grape that has only had a few centuries of use.

It turns out I’ve been paying for my snobbery.  While we were staying at the Isle of Capri in Natchez, we hit the  Old South Winery. The first advantage of the Muscadine is that it grows very well in the south and the Old South Winery gets its grapes right here in Mississippi.  The lady at the shop said her brother now owns the vineyard.

The second advantage of the Muscadine grape is that it is very high in polyphenolic antioxidants.  Initial studies suggest positive effects against blood, color, prostate cancers.

The last advantage, and I thank the folks at the Old South Winery for this, is that  it can make some very good wine in the right hands.  We left with a case!  🙂