If you frequent casinos chances are you have eaten at a buffet or two. Did you know it is a law that you can’t open a casino unless you have a buffet?  (OK, I’m still fact checking that).

Picking the best buffet is actually pretty hard.  Buffets quality varies even at the same place and I’ve had good food at even run down casinos. Mrs. Gambler and I hardly even focus on the buffets anymore but rather certain dishes they serve. For example, the banana pudding at Isle of Capri in Lula is very good, and anything that says “Paula Deen signature dish” at Harrah’s Tunica is a good bet. (more…)


I was off watching twitter the other day when I saw the Tunica Convention and Visitor Bureau was putting in a bid for the Social Media Tourism Symposium to come to Tunica. Others are doing it too and afterward everyone will vote on where to go. It sounds like a great idea where the concensus decides where to have the conference.

Now I’m not a part of the tourism business except as someone who likes to travel a lot. No one suggested I write this and I don’t even live in Mississippi.  I’m probably closer to some other locations. As you can guess from my domain name, I do like to visit the casinos which is why I have some personal experience with Tunica. (more…)