#IsleRoadTrip Series

IMG_4302Gambling and steamboats have been a part of American culture since before the times of Mark Twain. So, we were pretty happy driving up to the Isle of Capri in Natchez. The riverboat, essentially permanently  docked to the shore, is three levels with slot machines on all of them.  The top level also has a nice buffet. (more…)


If you frequent casinos chances are you have eaten at a buffet or two. Did you know it is a law that you can’t open a casino unless you have a buffet?  (OK, I’m still fact checking that).

Picking the best buffet is actually pretty hard.  Buffets quality varies even at the same place and I’ve had good food at even run down casinos. Mrs. Gambler and I hardly even focus on the buffets anymore but rather certain dishes they serve. For example, the banana pudding at Isle of Capri in Lula is very good, and anything that says “Paula Deen signature dish” at Harrah’s Tunica is a good bet. (more…)

I had so much to say about The Isle of Capri in Biloxi in my last post, I never even got to the checkin part. I’ll try not to make this an 18 part series on my vacation to Biloxi 🙂

One think I did want to do is comment on the rooms. I was reading some reviews of the hotel and someone mentioned it looked like it was decorated by the “Golden Girls”. This was funny as it was kind of true but it had me thinking “out of date”.  It wasn’t and I personally think Betty White is pretty cool (I still love this commercial) . The reviews were also all over the place with “fabulous place” and “Had a Great stay!” right next to “Sad and rundown” . I love reviews from other customers but this time we had no idea what to expect when we got to the room. (more…)