Did I tell you Mrs. Gambler and I live between Nashville and Tunica? It’s true.  When we are not hitting the slots “Down the road”, we’re visiting Tootsies and driving by Dolly Parton’s house in Nashville (Dolly, I swear, we are just fans and not stalkers!)

It seems IGT, the company that makes many of the slots machines at your favorite casino, is now radio tagging their customers to get preference data. How else can you explain the latest news about Dolly Parton teaming up with IGT to create a new video game? Its like they know what I like and where I am going! (more…)


Or not!

Seems there are many new games on the way.  Rather than hitting them all, I thought I’d start with those cool dudes and dudettes at WMS.  You may have heard that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are at G2E. Well, here is the reason:  WMS’s new Kiss video slots. I remember back to six grade where your coolness was measured by how many Kiss albums you have so I’m expecting to look pretty cool behind this bad boy.


We just got back from a weekend in Tunica.  I’ve got a lot to report so I thought I’d start with some new video slots.

WMS has come up with a series of games called “Colossal Reels”.  Usually, we hit different casinos to try different games but on this trip I spend ½ my slot money on the different variations of this game at each casino (I saw it at Gold Strike, Resorts, and Horseshoe)


I still remember where I was sitting the first time I played a slot machine.  We had just walked into the casino with lights and sounds everywhere. We walked up to a machine and were trying to figure out where to put the money.  Then we saw we had to get a ticket to feed in.

We found the machine to get a $10 ticket  and were confounded by the “lines”  These are buttons usually at the bottom of the machine or sometimes on the screen that let you pick which 5 items in a row you want to play. You look at the game and think, “OK, three rows, so three lines, right?”  Nope, there are 20 lines!